Thief With No Shadow-- Fantasy with no trope unturned (General meta spoilers)

Thief With No Shadow - Emily Gee

When the most well-drawn & sympathetic character in the book is the magical talking dog & the secondmost interesting character is the villainous magical monster who's cursed the "hero's" family for generations, you've got a characterization problem, big time.  


Traditional magical fantasy tale, misunderstandings & excess pride & hubris between very different magical races, illness & healing as romantic plot devices, unbelievable turnaround by the male "hero" as he sees the title Thief with No Shadow in a new light, and too busy & rushed an ending.  The magical monsters were of far more interest, the arrogant hero didn't get nearly as much comeuppance as he should have, and he got to be too much the hero through his own revelations of everyone else's romantic messes.  The self-hating heroine isn't given enough backstory and we don't know enough why the interesting magical mutt knows she's a good egg when everyone, even she, thinks she's rotten.  Fails the Bechdel test since all the female characters must relate back to the male "hero" in some way and have their storylines resolved by his redemption.


Outright repeated icky use of the past fact and/or future threat of rape of a woman as a plot device even if the author did turn that trope on its head in the present.


Bleh, to infinity & beyond.


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