Congratulations, by the way-- meditations on kindness

Congratulations, by the way: Some Thoughts on Kindness - George Saunders

This is a short, illustrated hardbound edition (bought online w/coupons from B & N) of a commencement speech George Saunders gave about what he calls "failures of kindness." I admit I'm not familiar with Saunders' novels or stories, so I'm judging this piece without any of that context.


I won't say there aren't places where it isn't a bit trite-- it is a commencement speech, after all-- but the illustrations are lovely & help the text right along, and the general theme, about how we all need to try to not just "do no harm" but go out of our way to learn to be kind, even when there's nothing in it for us, is a theme I've wanted a short, punchy book to bring to work as an illustrative text/assigned reading for some upcoming leadership meetings. 


For that, the book does the job & more, and we could all use all the reminders that we can get, without belaboring the point.