Nicholas St. North (Guardians series, no. 1)

Nicholas St. North and the Battle of the Nightmare King (Audio) - William Joyce, Laura Geringer, Gerard Doyle

This is vol. 1 in the series of books that eventually became Dreamworks' Rise of the Guardians-- which I saw first and loved.  This book focuses on how St. Nick became who he was and also sets the back story for the movie's main villain, Pitch, the Nightmare King, as well as lots of great world-building, including lots of interesting things about the man in the moon. Or, the Moon, as the story would have it. 


Great, magical storytelling, amazing illustrations, non-stop action with just enough pauses for world-building details, wonderful, nuanced characters (heroes & villains) & a focus on feelings imaginative children will resonate with (bravery, loneliness, yearning, being scared, doing it anyway, disbelief in success, learning to learn from others). 


Short at 143 pages, but it is a kid's book.  Leaving you wanting more is not a bad thing.


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