A Natural History of Dragons

A Natural History of Dragons: A Memoir by Lady Trent - Marie Brennan

I wanted to give this more stars than I did, because Spunky Lady Heroine, Acquiring an Education! And Engaging in the Academic Study of Dragons!  Plus, it's written in the style of a tongue-in-cheek memoir, in the style of Gail Carriger (though with less outright crack) by a flawed woman central character who's not too proud to admit her foibles.  It sounds like a book I ought to have loved.


I wanted to.  And there were some very good parts and characters.  It didn't cohere, though.


In the end, the book was too much about the Love Story and the Journey, and there just were NOT ENOUGH DRAGONS.  And there was too much flaw in the flawed woman, so that I just wanted to slap her by the end of the book and had no patience for her by the time we, the readers, were supposed to be mustering some.  


Without giving the ending away in specifics (General Spoilers Ahead), the book really read more like a mystery whodunit that happened to have dragons on the very far sidelines plus Formative Tragedy To Be Continued In The Next Book.  I was really disappointed by the whole ending-- it felt very rushed, very much like an emotional cheat, plus-- did I mention there weren't enough dragons?  I probably won't read the sequel unless it's on SUUUUUPER sale, or available at the library-- I felt pretty cheated by the first book's ending and am worried that the second book will be similar in emotional & narrative tone.