Help, Thanks, Wow: The Three Essential Prayers

Help Thanks Wow: Three Essential Prayers - Anne Lamott Some days I believe in God. Some days I don't. But I always read whatever Lamott has to say about faith, because whether I'm in an "I believe" phase or not, there aren't enough progressive, forgiving people out there writing about living a life that's directed toward something outside ourselves, however that "outside" is conceived.Lamott breaks down faith and life and hope (she calls it prayer) to their utmost essentials here, and for that, I'll be forever grateful. Lamott does what not enough writers do-- remind us to admit we can be selfish, needy and ugly. Forgive ourselves anyway. Ask others for help, even when we don't think we deserve it. Thank anyone and everyone for every thing that's given to us, even if we're not sure if it's a good thing in the moment of giving. And never, ever, stop pausing to find moments of wonder and awe, whether they hurt or they help, whether they're small or huge meteors blasting across the sky. And if all those things coincide with also believing in God? So be it. And if not? I can at least believe in myself and my fellow humans, and believe that on our best days, these are all things we'd like to believe in, to have others do, too. Ask for Help. Say Thanks even when we don't ask for help given. Say Wow, when we realize help came when we didn't ask, didn't know that it came, and only found ourselves on the other side of trouble one day, with no idea how we got there except wonder that we made it through, and a collection of people who put up with us on our journey. Wow.