Handy e-cookbook to have when you're shopping and have no idea what to cook

Twenty-Dollar, Twenty-Minute Meals*: *For Four People - Caroline  Wright

I read Food52 infrequently, though I have always had luck with their recipes-- but I read Caroline Wright's columns on quick meals religiously, and was thrilled when they were compiled as a book.


This is bright, quick, easy cooking with an emphasis on fresh vegetables, fruits, and not-to-fussy protein preparations.  There are some vegetarian options, but it's not a vegan/vegetarian cookbook if that's what you're mostly in the market to buy. 


The recipes all have photographs, are easy to follow, and come together as directed.  I haven't followed them all to a T-- sometimes I use them more as flavor-combo inspiration than anything else, but unlike other cookbooks I have on my e-reader that are there for pleasure reading more than reference, this is one that actually sits in my cart as I shop.


(Downloaded from Google Play shop, read on a Nook HD+)