Woman meets man, breaks up, meets more man & self actualization, includes man

Bread Alone - Judi Hendricks

I bought this as a 2.99 download from the Google Play store.  I'm glad I didn't pay more.  I bought it hoping it would be in the vein of Elizabeth Berg's novels, woman getting on with their lives and figuring out what to do when love or life doesn't work out the way that they planned. 


I was disappointed. 


To be frank, I got bored and skipped around a lot, and probably only read about half the book all told before skipping to the end.  I had hoped from what had been happening that the book would be "husband leaves woman, woman slowly but surely gets over herself and her husband, gets a vocation in a quirky town cooking/baking, makes up with her best friend, and ladies and friendship win forever."


Unfortunately, that friendship is given short shrift in the end before the woman character skips off via a trite plot device to find the guy she had supposedly mostly gotten over (at the urging of her female BFF) to ask him why he hadn't been more direct in his declaration, and the ending is "and they maybe lived happily ever after somewhere, but who knows what she does about the life changing career decisions she's just made."


It was all very B-movie Hollywood romantic bullshit to me, and I can't bear to go back and finish it, even though I liked the best friend character and want to find out what their fight was about.


It wasn't awful, but there was too much going on and not enough real attention was paid, imho, to learning to just grow up, grieve, and get on with your life without too many distractions.  The book would have had to be 200 more pages for the author to have wrapped up all the plotlines she had going here.