Eggplant I'll actually eat

The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook - Deb Perelman

I've been drooling over Deb's recipes for years.  As a celiac, I don't bake all her things, and of the ones that I do, some of them fail, since AP gluten-free flour is not all All-Purpose substitute.  *Sigh.*  Still, even with the web as my archive, it's nice to pull a book off the shelf because books represent a different way for me to process information-- to browse-- and because, frankly, cooking off of my Nook is kind of awkward next to my stove.  


You don't need me to tell you Deb's cooking is great, or that her pictures are fantastic food porn.  I will tell you that I hate eggplant, but that I made her roasted eggplant with roasted chickpeas and yogurt tahini dressing on a "what the hell" whim last week-- and I will now make it again, expanding my vegtable repertoire by that dreaded vegetable now.


Reader, it was delicious.  And this from someone who once declared that eggplant had the texture of mucus.  


Look, non-mucosal eggplant!