Even if you don't see the movie, it's better than decent sci-fi

Pacific Rim: The Official Movie Novelization - Alex Irvine

I loved the movie, but even with movies I love, I don't always read the novelizations.  This version is better than most, mixing different points of views and "outtakes" from news coverage and file excerpts from the Jaeger & Kaiju science projects to tell the story in a more than just "fill in the backstory" kind of way.  The characterizations fit with what played out on screen, even though, according to Travis Beacham, it came from early notes and so there are some differences from what ended up in the final cut, but in terms of giving us more the the PR 'verse, it did all that was wanted and more-- with good writing, real feelings and insight, and good world-building. 


Now I need to suck it up and buy the graphic novel.