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Wine For A Shotgun - Marty McConnell

I encountered Marty McConnell's poems through tumblr-- someone linked "Fridha Kahlo to Marty McConnell" and it was a night when I really needed to hear someone tell me: don't wish away your cracked past.


Wine for a Shotgun (bought directly from the publisher, Em Press) is poetry for people who've grown up too fast, who want to go back, who defiantly don't, and who know regret's worse than the lesson you've learned-- but still, sometimes you regret.  Half the poems are ruminations on love gone wrong in various ways.  The rest are based off the narrative device of the tarot, as departure points for forming the parable within the poem-- I haven't googled all the meanings of some of the figures because the poems stand on their own, but I probably will after my second or third pass through the book.  


The poems aren't formal.  They're often profane-- and almost always sublime.  Some of the poems are about loves who've been same-sex.  Some of them aren't.  Sometimes they poems hit too close to home and I put the book down.  But if you're a fan of expressive poetry, you'll probably like Marty McConnell.